How do I join Lex Brodie's Customer Rewards Program?

It’s easy. Simply take a moment to register. It’s free! - Join.

What do I need to do to earn Miles/Points?

Once you’ve selected the currency you’d like to earn when you Join the program, make qualifying purchases at Lex Brodie’s. To find out more visit the Earn page.

I just visited Lex Brodie’s then went home and signed up for the program. Will I earn Miles/Points on that transaction?

This program features a 30 day grace period -  so any transaction(s) made within the previous 30 days from your enrollment date will automatically be included and you will earn Miles/Points in your chosen reward program currency.

NOTE: Miles/Points are posted on a monthly basis, 2-4 weeks after the end of the month.

Our goal is to help you get as many Miles/Points as possible!  But, transaction totals that apply for Miles/Points, may not be exact to your invoice.  Taxes and shop fees do not apply and there may be other minimal items that may not apply.

Does a spouse have to sign up separately? We have 2 cars, sometimes he brings one in for servicing and sometimes I do. Will we only get Miles/Points for the service that I request?

If you have a single Lex Brodie's Customer ID # (that you use for both vehicles), then you need only enroll in the reward program one time; if you have two Lex Brodie's customer account #s (one for each of you or one for each vehicle) then you can have us merge those accounts together on your next visit or both you and your spouse can enroll in the reward program, using a different Lex Brodie's customer account # each time.

What's the difference between Lex Brodie's Customer Rewards Program and Caveman Points with The Love Hawaii Program?

When you join Lex Brodie's Customer Rewards Program you are registering with us to earn Miles/Points in a chosen reward program (e.g. Lex Brodie’s Caveman Points, Hawaiian Airlines HawaiianMiles, etc.).

Caveman Currency with The Love Hawaii Program is our in-house rewards program. If you select this program, you will earn points towards Lex Gift Cards. The Lex Gift Cards, will be mailed to you directly upon your account balance reaching one of the minimum thresholds. Visit the Redeem page for details. In addition, as a member of The Love Hawaii Program, Lex Brodie’s will automatically donate 2% of all your future qualifying transactions to the charity of your choice. On the Profile page you can select up to two charities that you would like to support.

How do I keep track of my Miles/Points?

You can see the Points you’ve received through your participation in the Lex Brodie's Customer Rewards Program by logging into your Rewards Program account. If you have opted to earn Lex Brodie's Caveman Points you can see your current account balance here. However, to find your current Miles/Points balance for any other reward currency, visit the respective program website (e.g. Hawaiian Airlines HawaiianMiles, American Airlines AAdvantage, etc.)

How many Miles/Points do I need to redeem?

It depends on the program you are earning Miles/Points in. Each program has different redemption levels. Please visit the respective program websites to find out how to redeem.

For Caveman Points with The Love Hawaii Program, you will receive points towards Lex Gift Cards. Each gift card has a different redemption value. The values can be found on the Redeem page.

What are Bonus Events?

We will promote Bonus Events periodically to help you accelerate your Miles/Points balance. During these events, you will be notified in-store and/or by email on how to take advantage of the offers.

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